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Important Attendance Information
Posted 2/4/19

Friday, February 15th - Staff Development Day, NO SCHOOL

Monday, February 18th - Presidents’ Day, NO SCHOOL


Dear Families,
We have been speaking to families since the beginning of the school year about the importance of attendance as it relates to both student achievement and to the financial health of the District. If every student in the SRVUSD attended school just one more day this year than they did last, the District would realize an additional $2.2 million. Each day a student is absent, whether excused or unexcused, means a loss of $70/student/day. We are working to raise awareness about the importance of strong attendance by engaging every student in the SRVUSD schools to examine past practices and rise to a new challenge by attending school just one more day.

Of course, sick students need to stay home, but all other absences should be carefully considered. If your child is suffering from a chronic and/or serious illness that affects attendance, this message should be considered informational only, as we know that attending school is not always possible for your student right now.

Please look at your child’s attendance from last semester (on their report card) and work towards attending “one more day”.


Warm Regards,

Curtis Haar,  Principal